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Community Updates

This is the tab that Maddy's family keeps most up to date with information about upcoming gatherings for Maddy, ways that we think about him in our daily lives, and other unique events. Please continue to visit this page to check for updates.

Community Updates: See and Do


Maddy in Mind

Gathering & Giving 2022


June 25th, 2022 - Worldwide

We grieve the loss of our beautiful Maddy every minute of every day. Two ways we are choosing to honor that grief this year are by gathering in community to support each other as we mourn together and by giving to an important organization in Maddy’s life.

Maddy cared deeply and worked tirelessly to confront many of the challenges this world faces, including revering and advocating for the preservation of our environment. From childhood on, Maddy loved climbing, hiking, camping, and photographing nature. As a teenager, Maddy worked with Boulder Junior Rangers (BJR) for four years maintaining local hiking trails. Later, he got involved in the Sunrise Movement and campaigned for local politicians who support the Green New Deal and other climate actions. We find great congruence between the commitment of BJR in advancing and improving equitable, inclusive practices and Maddy’s own personal research about and holistic and deep investment in supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We warmly invite Maddy’s friends, family and community around the world to join us in spending time outside and, if you are able, to help raise funds for the Boulder Junior Rangers.

To learn more about the 2022 Gathering, click here.

Community Updates: What's On

Maddy's Launch

 On 12/18/21 at 4:41 am, SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 Starlink rocket with a key component inscribed for our son, brother, uncle, friend and incredible human. After many delays and postponements, the many of us who gathered experienced a breathtaking event, filled with awe & heartbreak, wonder & deep sorrow. We know the component is orbiting even now, as it will for years to come, and that Maddy is there and here and in every breath we take.

(photo cred for this shot: @chris.hubble)

The photos posted in the gallery may give you just a sense of what it was like to be on that dark hilltop, with an endless vista as the rocket ignited, lifted off and soared into space-just like our adored Maddy always did. 

A little background in case you didn't know: Maddy’s SpaceX team in California created a unique and lasting tribute in Maddy’s honor. “In Loving Memory of Madison Lignell” has been inscribed on the upper injector of the massive MVAC engine for the rocket Falcon 9's stage 2 vehicle. This engine is what gives the 2nd stage its thrust to go into deep space to deploy the Starlink satellite payload. Maddy's "engine" will be enabling satellite deployment - his spirit is helping create accessible internet across the globe, a vision of equity Maddy supported wholeheartedly. 

You can watch online from wherever you happen to be and whenever you'd like to see it: the SpaceX Youtube channel here:


Community Updates: Education

Ways We Remember Maddy Lignell


Bring Maddy Memorabilia

One of Maddy's close friends Jay has designed and ordered special pins, patches, and stickers inspired by the idea of finding Maddy in the woods. Jay and Maddy shared many adventures together and he wanted to find a way to bring Maddy with him on both the big and small future adventures that he imagines they would have shared. The design can be seen in the photo above.  

We hope these small items can serve as anchors for Maddy's memory and for the things that he brought to your lives. 

If you would like a sticker, patch, and/or pin, please fill out this form so that Jay can send them directly to you.

Community Updates: See and Do
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I Find Maddy in the Woods Candle

Maddy's family and friends light a candle every Sunday night at 8pm to share memories, gratitudes, and love for Maddy. We invite everyone around the world who would like to participate in this ritual to join us. Reach out to to request a memorial candle.

Legacy Fund & Contributions

Maddy was an active financial supporter to a number of organizations, including International Rescue Committee, Southern Poverty Law Center, ProPublica, Islamic Relief USA, Critical Resistance, and Sunrise Movement LA. We want to share these organizations with you in case you'd like to learn a bit more about the work they do. Additionally, Maddy's family is collecting contributions through the Legacy Fund and working with several organizations to determine the way we can collectively have the biggest positive impact on the world through these causes. Thank you to those of you who have already contributed so far. If you are interested, you can find out more by clicking on the Legacy Fund tab.

Community Updates: See and Do
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